友善提醒:DEXG 并未设立任何官方中文群或英文群,请在官方网站查证任何非官方群里的消息,并自行判断讯息的真实性。

服务条款更动通知:因应全球监管,DEXG Finance 将于9月27日起,禁止中国地区用户使用 DEXG Finance 相关服务。

澄清启示:本項目並「沒有」得到任何投资机构的融资與支持。DEXG Finance 项目由社区志愿者发展,并没有受到独立的商业团队支持。DEXG 为实用型治理通证,并不是投资商品,请谨慎做好评估,切勿以投资目的交易 DEXG。


Notice: DEXG Interface is not accessible to any person or entity who is in any restricted territory or other prohibited jurisdictions. Use of VPN or proxies to circumvent the access restriction is a violation of our Terms of Service.
DEXG is a community token; started in September 2020, the community issued and distributed DEXG tokens over the eight staking reward rounds; DEXG interface is built by DEXG Finance volunteering development efforts.
Note that DEXG did not hold fundraising of any kind forms including the public sale, private sale, or ICO. Thus, DEXG has no investors. Also note that DEXG token is not an investment, the mere presence of a speculative motive does not evidence the existence of an investment contract. Only trade DEXG tokens if you read and accept the disclaimer.

NOTICE: There are no official community channels, please be careful if you read and use any information on any social media (including Discord, Telegram, etc.) having the same DEXG name. DEXG Interface does not provide any service to any person or entity who is in any restricted territory, please refer to the TERMS OF SERVICE .

DEXG finance dapp is a decentralized exchange (DEX) working on the Ethereum blockchain and is built by volunteering development efforts. The dapp comprises DEXG Pool and DEXG Swap smart contrats, utilizing the Speculative AMM.
Ethereum tokens that fit the ERC-20 standard can be submitted to liquidity pools, which traders can utilise to buy and sell tokens. DEXG Swap allows for a fully permissionless and trustless asset exchange system, encouraging liquidity providers, quant and retail traders, as well as arbitrageurs to dynamically stabilise asset prices and portfolios.
DEXG finance dapp's liquidity pools consist of a single-token pool, backed by a corresponding WETH pool. Anyone can provide liquidity to existing token pools by providing only the ERC-20 token in question.
All pools on DEXG Pool interact only with the underlying pooled token and WETH. In return for providing liquidity, the liquidity providers get DEXG-LP tokens, which serve as proof of ownership of the deposited tokens. The DEXG-LP tokens can later be redeemed in the token pool to withdraw the deposited tokens, plus the incurred trading fees in WETH
The DEXG swap smart conract allows token-swaps between the DEXG pools.
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