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DEXG Exchange is a decentralized exchange (DEX) working on the Ethereum blockchain and is built by volunteering development efforts. DEXG Exchange comprises DEXG Pool and DEXG Swap, utilizing the Speculative AMM.

Ethereum tokens that fit the ERC-20 standard can be submitted to liquidity pools, which traders can utilise to buy and sell tokens. DEXG Swap allows for a fully permissionless and trustless asset exchange system, encouraging liquidity providers, quant and retail traders, as well as arbitrageurs to dynamically stabilise asset prices and portfolios.

DEXG Exchange's liquidity pools consist of a single-token pool, backed by a corresponding WETH pool. Anyone can provide liquidity to existing token pools by providing only the ERC-20 token in question.

All pools on DEXG Exchange interact only with the underlying pooled token and WETH. In return for providing liquidity, the liquidity providers get DEXG-LP tokens, which serve as proof of ownership of the deposited tokens. The DEXG-LP tokens can later be redeemed in the token pool to withdraw the deposited tokens, plus the incurred trading fees in WETH

The Speculative AMM (sAMM) allows token-swaps between the DEXG pools.