Pool Types

The Speculative AMM is a generic and priceless automatic market maker and can apply to various types of single asset pool.

Spot Pools

Pool Type
Interest Rate
Trade Fee (Buy / Sell)
Main Pools
Virtual Collateral K = 1
0.3% / 0.3%
Advanced Pools
Collateral Volatility K = [0..1]
0.3% / 0.3%

Trade Fee

The traders act as a Taker to remove orders from the orderbook. Each buy and sell trade pays a transaction fee to the DEXG Pool in the token being traded-in.
  • Buy trade fee is 0.30% of the trade-in token (WETH ).
  • Sell trade fee is 0.30% of the trade-in token.
The sell fee of the trade-in token will be refunded to the DEXG pool immediately to reward liquidity providers (Maker). And the buy fee of the WETH tokens will be collected by the Aggregator. Subsequently, the buy trade fee (0.3% ) will be split by the Aggregator smart contract to the community governance reward (0.2% ) and protocol developer reward (0.1% ).