Release Notes

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DEXToken Core


Core smart contracts on Ethereum

DEXG Exchange (Beta)


The UI to DEXG Swap (Exchange)

DEXG Exchange (Beta) v1.1

May 26, 2021

Bug fixes

  • Fixed landing page USD value display

  • Fixed mobile view alignment

  • Fixed event display of newly created pools


  • Update Terms of Service

  • Reduce REST API call bandwidth

New features

  • User-interface to the DEXG swap contract

DEXG Exchange (Beta) 1.0.1

April 19, 2021

Bug fixes

  • Fixed duplicate events in the pool page


  • Mobile views in the pool page

  • High price slippage warning when providing liquidity

  • Make account link clickable in the events list

  • The pool list adds USD ($) value of volume

New features

  • Landing page adds sort whitelisted pools by volume

  • Landing page adds the search bar by symbols and names

  • Connect Wallet adds Accept Terms of Service and Legal Disclosure

DEXG Exchange (Beta) 1.0

March 29, 2021

  • Single-asset pool management: Provide/withdraw liquidity, WETH trade pairs

  • Basic features: Liquidity chart, price chart