Single-Asset Token Pools

Speculative AMM has created an innovative Digital Asset Pooling mechanism that allows the asset pool to operate as an orderbook. And DEXG Pool uses WETH as trading pairs.

Provide Liquidity

Add assets to the pool, and Speculative AMM will provide the quote for real-time pricing. The buy trades will buy pooled tokens in WETH and deposit WETH in the pool. In DEXG Pools, liquidity providers act as the Maker in a digital asset exchange, who adds sell orders to the orderbook.
Asset pools on Speculative AMM work different from existing liquidity provision protocols; liquidity providers can consider DEXG Pool as single-asset token pools. The pool will mint the DEXG-LP token to represent the liquidity shares in the pool.

Withdraw Liquidity

Deposit DEXG-LP tokens to withdraw assets from the pool. Deal assets will be withdrawn in WETH.

Liquidity Balance

Because of DEXToken Protocol's single-asset pooling model, liquidity providers don't need to and won't be able to provide WETH assets, therefore, the WETH balance in every single pool should theoretically be zero.


Token Whitelisting

DEXG Pool will include the DEXToken Governance community in its product design. Thus, the DEXToken Governance community will participate in the token listing operations to receive a portion of the transaction fee as governance rewards.

Reward Distribution

The DEXG reward staking dApp will distribute the community governance rewards and will only accept the DEXG/WETH DEXG-LP token for deposit and staking.
Upon providing liquidity to the DEXG/WETH single-asset pool on DEXG Exchange, you will be automatically minting DEXG-LP tokens. While every pool issues DEXG-LP tokens with the symbol DEXG-LP, each pool has its own unique DEXG Pool smart contract that works behind the scenes. The official DEXG/WETH DEXG-LP pool smart contract is 0x55934BecA7Fec7bCbBb4fa582EBea09D719D6CF7.
NOTICE: DEXG token is not an investment, and please only trade DEXG tokens if you read and accept the disclaimer.