DEXG Swap (Exchange)

DEXG Swap (aka "Exchange") is a set of wrapper APIs and user-interface for convenient trading between two market pairs.

DEXG Swap: Unique advantages

Our revolutionary Speculative AMM (sAMM) varies significantly from existing AMM models, allowing for a set of unique advantages for liquidity providers, traders and arbitrageurs.

For Liquidity Providers (LPs)

DEXG Pool does not rely on token-pair pools, instead allowing LPs to deposit single token assets to liquidity pools. In turn, this greatly reduces their risk of impermanent loss, which should, in theory, be non-existent on DEXG Pool. At the same time, LPs profit from the charged fees on the trading pairs they provide liquidity for.

For Traders and Arbitrageurs

The volatility pricing system utilised by the sAMM greatly reduces slippage compared to existing decentralised exchanges. The volatility pricing system also allows arbitrageurs to trade the price differences between other exchanges and DEXG Swap. In the future, traders will find more advanced trading tools on DEXG Swap that are lacking on other decentralised exchanges.

For Quant Traders

Quant trading algorithms can utilise the DEXG Pool API points and contract functions to pull data and execute functions without having to consult the exchange front-end.